Shucking the Oystr in progress ...

Empowering people & organizations through purpose-driven digital innovation.

Starting in health & sports tech, we've broadened our scope, extending values & tech to diverse sectors. While our superapp agency and SaaS platforms assist businesses in overcoming their digital challenges we also empower individuals in their everyday lives through engaging apps and platforms.

Building today the digital world of tomorrow.


Within our departments and brands, we excel in various technology realms. It's the skills and passion of our talented team members that define who we are, driving us forward with purpose, innovation and professionalism.


Step into the vibrant world of Oystr's brand family, leading the way in digital innovation, setting new standards and transforming lives.

The superapp for sports enthusiasts, revolutionizing how people engage with sports.

The ultimate corporate wellbeing benefit for a healthier life, both at work and beyond.

The next-gen platform that connects coaches with their audience.

The web app for racket sports lovers with universal rankings and exciting challenges.

Our journey of evolution continues relentlessly.
That's why we're continually innovating and developing exciting new blockchain-based products, poised to enrich our offerings even further.

MOV is the universal currency empowering the sports world.

The web3 protocol disrupting traditional award & certification industries.


From humble beginnings to groundbreaking innovations, our story is a testament to passion, perseverance, and progress.

  • Culture
    Our culture thrives on teamwork, transparency, and innovation, fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment where collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning are valued.
  • Approach
    Our proactive approach blends cutting-edge technology with strategic thinking to deliver tailored solutions that meet and exceed clients' needs, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Vision
    Our vision drives us to pioneer new technologies, disrupt industries, and create lasting impact, shaping a healthier, more playful and connected world through innovation and collaboration.
  • Progress
    Track our journey of growth, innovation, and success as we continuously push boundaries, overcome challenges, and achieve milestones that shape our digital evolution.
  • Team
    Meet our diverse and talented team, each bringing unique skills, perspectives, and passions to collaborate, innovate, and inspire collective greatness in everything we do.